We’ll work our socks off for you

We guarantee that we won’t be satisfied until you are.

Rest assured, the quality of our work will exceed your expectations.


We cut through the white noise

Hard selling. Upselling. Overpromising and underdelivering.

Not on our watch.



Executive /ɪɡˈzɛkjʊtɪv,ɛɡˈzɛkjʊtɪv/ Adjective
Relating to or having the power to put plans or actions into effect

Code /kəʊd/ Noun
Set of instructions, or a system of rules, written in a particular programming language

Swiss Army Knife

Our people

The only team you’ll need.

A dedicated team which includes some of the top talent in the country.

Our work has spanned both the private and public sectors, multiple disciplines, and industries, and includes a huge breadth of experience of successful project delivery.

Golf Clubs

A little about EXECODE’s founders, Nick and James...

Nick’s professional background has spanned senior roles within both the public and private sectors.

His experience of both commissioner and provider of large digital marketing projects allows him to understand the needs, wants and motivations of both customer and supplier.

From helping you to improve your company's digital presence, to working with you to understand how IT solutions can help your business grow, Nick’s your man.

Nick tries to play golf.

Rugby Ball

James has a breadth and depth of experience in working across the private sector. He understands how IT solutions can enhance the competitive edge each business needs over its competitors.

He has a knack for quickly understanding what makes your business tick and how our team of digital designers and developers can help take your business to the next level.

Unlike Nick, James can play golf but his three children and two dogs mean he never has the time to play.